Janya Menges


Janya — Tanya with a J

Menges — G like ginger


Art Director. Designer. Strategist. Seventeen countries. Documentaries. Dada. Heroes. Cooking. Volunteered. Tsunami. Communication. Translator. Binge Watcher. Frozen Planet fan.


I graduated from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, with a Graphic Design BFA, in Transmedia — designing across media.

I'm an avid traveler and have visited seventeen countries including being born in Singapore, raised in Thailand, studied abroad in London, selected for Sustainable Summer School in Germany, lived in Los Angeles, dipped my toes in the Bay Area, and now planning to cross the coast to New York.

Documentaries are awesome. It opens up the world in multiple ways.


I'm obsessed with dada, punk, and surrealism. I love how these movements went against the norm at the time.

My heroes are Tibor Kalman, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Jamie Reid, Karel Martens, Steve Jobs, Brian Roettinger, Irma Boom, Sol LeWitt, Herbert Matter, Rei Kawakubo, John Baldessari, Jean Paul Goude, Pam Fujimoto, Tyler Whisnand, Jeff Greenspan, and Clive Piercy. 


Cooking informs my creative process — ingredients, preparation, presentation, and experience. I love trying new foods because it expands and evolves my palette to new ingredients/ideas around me.

In 2005, I volunteered to build houses for tsunami victims in southern Thailand. I realized every small role makes a difference even if it's leveling concrete in a corner or passing water bottles around.

I taught English once a week at a Thai orphanage during middle school. The experience taught me how to breakdown and communicate information for someone who doesn't know anything about the subject.

I was a Thai and English translator in high school. I would translate for school events, visiting ambassadors and foreign exchange students.

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